Be Different

If you follow the crowd, you might get lost in it

Everyone wants recognition when they excel or prove themselves among peers. Company or individual identity can go a long way on a jobsite, It sets you apart from the others and no longer will you be refered to as "hey you".

"You cannot be all things to all people. Be unique. Be different. Give to others what you want yourself. And do what you were made to do." Robert Kiyosaki

We have solutions to create a jobsite identity with high quality certified products

Be recognized on job sites by combining 8 different webbing colors to represent you or your company

Provide accountability and product tracking with names or numbers permanently embroidered on chest strap or floating sleeve

Fit all body shapes and sizes. If the standard sizes don't fit, send us your measurements and we will build to your personal requirements

Protect your investment from environmental factors with our optional hardware materials such as steel, aluminum, dielectric, and corosion resistant

Adapt to changing conditions and job sites with multiple lanyard lengths

Be visibile in low light condiditons with maximum visibility webbing

Do you have an idea or feel there is a gap in fall protection products? Let's get together and bring the idea to life.

Make it Mine!

Would you like a harness in your company colors?

Perhaps create color combinations for supervisors, first aid attendants or safety watch, so that they can be seen and recognized on a jobsite?

Maybe have different colors for different crews on jobsites, like a maximum visibility harness for the night crew?

Consider the endless possibilities to be unique

Custom Embroidery

Embroidery Placement

  • On the chest strap of BODYGUARD and ROYAL GUARD harnesses only
  • On a floating sleeve around the shoulder strap

Embroidery Thread Color

  • Red, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, White

Embroidery Text

  • Use only spaces ( ) upper case letters (A-Z) numbers (0-9) hashtag (#) ampersand (&) dash (-) parenthesis ( ) slash (/) colon (:)
  • Maximum of 12 (Twelve) characters including spaces in half (1/2) inch block font
  • You can have 12 (Twelve) characters on one line or 24 (Twenty four) characters on two lines of 12 (Twelve) characters. Please pay extra attention to words that can wrap from the first line to the second line

MLCE 1 line
MLCE 2 line

Your Company Logo

  • $150.00 per logo
  • Submit your logo as a High Definition JPG to webstore@safetydirect.ca
  • After the image is digitized, you must approve the sample
  • If it is not approved, we will refund $100 of the fee

Depending on the logo detail, we might not be able to embroider to the exact image. Because of the fibre spacing of the web, Images with less detail have a better result.

MLCE (logo)

Custom Sizes

We can fit everyone! If our regular sizes don't fit, we can build a harness tailored to your height, weight and other dimensions

All sizes

Custom Colors

We have 7 different colors of webbing that can be combined in many different ways.

  • BODYGUARD and ROYAL GUARD harnesses can have different colors for the shoulders, legs and chest strap
  • RANGER harnesses can have different colors for the shoulders and legs
Webbing colors

Maximum Visiblity

Our specialty webbing has 5 rows of reflective thread woven right in, so it is visible on both sides. Unlike reflective coatings applied to the surface, the threads will not wear off or fade over time.