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be different

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Consider the endless possibilities to be unique

We have solutions to create a jobsite or personal identity with high quality certified products

Custom colors

Be recognized on job sites by combining 7 different webbing colors to represent you or your company


Provide accountability and product tracking with names or numbers permanently embroidered on chest strap or floating sleeve

Custom sizes

Fit all body shapes and sizes. If the standard sizes don't fit, send us your measurements and we will build to your personal requirements

Specialty hardware

Protect your investment from environmental factors with our optional hardware materials such as steel, aluminum, dielectric, and corosion resistant

Max visibility

Be visibile in low light condiditons with maximum visibility webbing

Do you have an idea or feel there is a gap in fall protection products? Let's get together and bring the idea to life.


custom colors

Stand out.


Would you like a harness or lanyard in your company colors?

Perhaps create color combinations for supervisors, first aid attendants or safety watch, so that they can be seen and recognized on a jobsite?

Something that makes your harness feel more like your own or matches your unique sense of style?

We offer 7 different colors at no extra charge, creating hundreds of different combination possibilities.

Keep scrolling to find out what kind of customization can be done for what items.


MH101 premium line:

Customize the shoulders, legs and chest strap

MH201 premium line:

Customize the shoulders and legs

MH501 premium line:  

Customize the shoulders, legs, chest strap and belt colors


Polyester Lanyards

Change out the leg color on a lanyard.


Items geting mixed up with someone else's?  Having a hard time tracking equipment?  Sick of pulling out the item label to find out the size or serial number?   Theft?

Embroidery and ID tags can help with these problems.  They can provide easy ways to identify or track your items.  Keep scrolling to find out how.



Add a name to keep your personal equipment separate and deter theft, or to assign a harness to a specific employee







Add a numbering system to easily track and identify equipment rather than tracking by the serial number







Company Logo 


Add a company name or logo to keep your equipment separate from others on shared job sites, brand recognition or to deter theft


Embroidery can be done on the chest strap of an MH101 harness, on a floating sleeve on any harness, a fixed sleeve on the Derrik line, or on a fixed sleeve on any lanyard.

ID tags

On an EA lanyard

Put a tag inside the shrink tube around the shock absorber on your lanyard to add a permanent form of identification.  Just like with embroidery you can add a name, company name or numbering system. 

On a non-EA lanyard or a harness

Add an extra label to the existing label set on your harness or non-EA lanyard with a name or company information. 


custom sizes 

Something for all shapes and sizes

Your harness is something you have to wear every day so you want it to be comfortable.   It's also important for your safety that your harness fits you.  We offer a large range of sizes from xx-small to 4-XL on most of our premium harnesses as well as offering custom sizes.  We understand that not every body is built the same and sometimes you can be between sizes or need different sizes on different parts of a harness.  We truly believe that everyone; regardless of shape; should feel comfortable and safe in their harness.

Check out our sizing charts below, fill out and submit a custom size order form to us or your preferred distributor or give us a call to find out more.   If you're local you can even stop in for an in person fitting!



MH Premium harness size chart

MH Royal Guard harness size chart

VH Value harness size chart

Be seen.

Our specialty webbing has 5 rows of reflective thread woven right in, so it is visible on both sides. Unlike reflective coatings applied to the surface, the threads will not wear off or fade over time.

Any of our premium harness lines (MH101, MH201, MH501) can be made in high visibility webbing.  You can change out the shoulder color to 'MaxVis' or the whole harness. 


high visibility


Not every job requires the same tools

Our MH101 and MH201 premium line harnesses and most lanyards are available in a variety of combinations of hardware and materials to suit any job.

Kevlar® : 

 Harness and lanyards made of 100% Kevlar® webbing and thread.   Fire resistant, char resistant and self-extinguishing, this makes it a perfect choice for welders or anyone exposed to high heat/flame.  


 Made with Kevlar® webbing.  Options for dielectric hardware or a mix of dielectric and soft Kevlar® connectors. Made for workers exposed to possible electrical hazards or hot work. All hardware is non-conductive and arc flash rated. ASTM F887 arc flash of 40 cal/cm2 OSHA 1910.269 & 1926 CSA Z259.10-18 

Corrosion Resistant

 We offer a line of corrosion resistant hardware options for those who are working in situations that can quickly rust or damage regular hardware.  Ideal for those working in salt mines or corrosive environments to extend the life of their equipment.

Individual product pages coming soon, in the meantime please feel free to reach out via phone or email and we'd be happy to help you find something to suit your situation!

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