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At Safety Direct, we carry an extensive line of anchorages and anchorage connectors to meet the requirements of your fall arrest applications. It is critical that they have the strength to withstand the forces generated by a fall. Our offerings of safety anchors include permanent and temporary concrete anchors, roof anchors, and specialty anchors. Anchor points are a vital part of a fall protection system which prevent a worker from falling.



Safety Direct's Cable Anchor Slings, also known as wire rope anchor slings, are made from galvanized aircraft cable with clear vinyl coating for ease of visual inspection, and have Flemish eye splices on each end. Anchor slings are used by wrapping them around beams or secure anchorages providing a secure anchor point. Cable slings are durable, easy to use, and the cable resists wear around sharp edges. Manufactured in lengths from 2 ft. to 6 ft. available with thimble eyes, snap hook, small O-ring, and large O-ring connectors.



Safety Direct's temporary roof anchors are designed for single use applications during the roofing process. Constructed of galvanized steel, they are an economical way to keep workers safe.



Safety Directs heavy duty reusable HINGED ROOF ANCHOR with D-ring.



Safety Direct's economical temporary and reusable anchor strap, also known as a Cross-Arm Anchorage Connector or pass through anchor sling, is made with 2" durable polyester webbing (minimum tensile strength 5000 lbs.). Optional large D-ring, small D-rings and soft loop available. Custom lengths available.



Safety Direct's MSRA2 low profile roof anchor is designed to be attached and covered with the ridge cap shingles. 



Safety Direct's MRTA permanent Tri-Truss roof anchor is constructed from galvanized steel and spans 3 trusses with 24 inch centers.


Beam Anchor

Safety Direct's SLIDING BEAM ANCHOR is easy to use, removable, and reusable. This anchor is designed to easily glide along the I-beam while trailing the worker. 


Bolt On

D-Style Bolt-On Permanent Anchorage Connector is a permanent tie-off point for workers operating at heights.


Door/Window Bar

Safety Direct's easily adjustable Temporary Window and Door Jamb Anchor Bar utilizes an open window frame or door jamb providing a safe and secure temporary anchor point without the use of fasteners.


Nail Down Web

Safety Direct's MANDY temporary roof anchor strap is specifically designed to create a secure anchor point on the peak of a roof.

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