Tune in to our Ad

By: Sean Kennett | August 1st, 2020 | Category: Radio Ad

Listen for our ad over your local Stingray radio station starting August 24th until September 18th 2020. Our ad will be broadcast in the following markets:

Edmonton K97, Calgary XL103.1, Red Deer Z98.3, Ottawa Live88.3, Toronto Boon 97.3, Sudbury Rewind 103.9, St. John's K-Rock97.5, Halifax Q104 and St. John Q88.9.



Extreme Cold Temperature Rated Harnesses & Lanyards

By: Brett Zeissler | July 1st 2020 | Category: New Product

Safety Direct Ltd. has developed a lanyard and harness that has been independently tested and verified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to perform in extreme cold weather, -42 °C(-43.6 °F). We are the only fall protection manufacturer in the world to offer fall protection products for these extreme cold temperatures.

We were approached by an international mining company working in extreme conditions in the Artic wanting to get harnesses and lanyards tested for conditions below -40 °C. They had already been turned down by several of the major players in the industry.

Current standards have cold and wet/frozen testing for lanyards to -35 °C, but nothing for harnesses. Since we specialize in working with our customers to help with their unique problems, we were happy to investigate to see what could be done.

First, we contacted the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to determine if they had facilities to perform verification testing and if they would be interested in partnering with us. After getting a positive answer from them, we then developed a set of parameters for the testing. After discussions with our clients, in house engineers and CSA, we settled on -42c as the target temperature.

The testing parameters for lanyards was easy since they already existed in the CSA Z259.11-17 standard, so all we had to do was change the references from -35 °C to -42 °C. To keep it simple, we took the conditioning and test procedures from the lanyard standard and inserted them into the CSA Z259.10 harness standard under a new subsection for testing.

To our knowledge, this is the first time a full body harness had ever been tested to cold and wet/frozen conditions, and extreme ones at that!

After all of the hard work from our in house team, the dedicated team at CSA, and the patience of the client, we now have several full body harnesses as well as lanyards in 2 weight classes (110lb - 310lb and 200lb - 420lb) ready for your extreme needs.

Whether its working in the Arctic, working on railway bridges in the middle of winter, or working on utility poles in the middle of a blizzard, you won’t need to worry about keeping your workers protected!



New Oil & Gas Harness

By: Sean Kennett | May 1st 2020 | Category: New Product

Josh Blinston from Accurate Supply in Nisku reached out to us to see if we could manufacture an oil & gas harness for his customers. We realized that we had a gap in our product line and Josh worked with us to develop a light weight, fully adjustable, non-bedazzled, price conscious, oil & gas harness that can be customized to the customer's needs. Through several trials, the Royal Guard and Royal Guard Plus were designed with CSA certification. Please contact Josh and his knowledgeable staff at Accurate Supply for all of your oil & gas safety and supply needs.


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